A Dunes Staple: The White Adirondack Chairs

As any longtime Dunes-goer will tell you, our white Adirondack chairs are as symbolic of the Dunes experience as the sweeping coastal views in front of them. There’s more to these chairs than meets the eye, however — they’re thoughtfully built and boast a storied history dating back to our very first cottages.

White Adirondack chairs at The Dunes.

A Dunes Staple Since The Beginning

We’ve been kicking back in our Adirondack chairs since the very first cottages at The Dunes were built back in 1936. Thinking practically, Russell and Beatrice Perkins wanted comfortable-yet-sturdy lawn furniture for everyone to sit in while watching the tides come in and go out. Back then the chairs were painted primary colors, but we adopted an all-white color scheme in the 1960’s to represent the classic Adirondack chair color. The chairs have been serving the same purpose for over 80 years now, growing more special as time goes on.

A Little More Effort in Construction

No freight deliveries here — we’ve been building and maintaining the Adirondack chairs at The Dunes for as long as we’ve been relaxing in them. We use pine wood for everything except for the legs, which are built with a sturdy cedar. We also seal the end grain on the bottom with a protective coating of epoxy.

Our chairs are built with concave backs, meaning they have circular indents to conform to your back. It’s a little unusual and it’s more difficult to build, but it’s well worth it for the extraordinarily-comfortable experience you get as you sit back and watch the sunrise over the Atlantic.

One Piece Of The Picture

White Adirondack chair at The Dunes.Our chairs are more than just comfortable spots to sit back and unwind — they make an important contribution to the laid-back, beachy vibe here at The Dunes. They’re often a subject of discussion during and after a Dunes getaway, as well as center frame for many guest photos. Despite their name, they’re a classic icon of New England and a symbol of the authentic Maine experience.

For three generations and counting, our white chairs have represented the relaxed nature of The Dunes. There’s only so much gushing we can do about them — the best way to understand the true meaning (and comfort) of our chairs is to make your way to Ogunquit and try them yourself.

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