Ogunquit Retreat: The Hallmarks of An Unplugged Maine Vacation

What do a family of four, a working couple, and a young-at-heart retiree have in common? The answer’s in the travel bag. When the need for an undisturbed getaway strikes you, too, picture yourself away from it all with these four hallmarks of an unplugged vacation to Ogunquit, Maine.

An unplugged Maine vacation at The Dunes on the Waterfront in Ogunquit.

Views That Just Never Get Old

We all know what it’s like to lose ourselves in a breathtaking view, and in Ogunquit you can easily spend hours on end simply staring (don’t worry, it’s polite in this case). Whether you’re gazing at a warm sunrise over Ogunquit Beach, enjoying the slow drift of sailboats at Perkins Cove, or watching the waves roll by after claiming a bench seat on The Marginal Way, there’s no shortage of perfect perches to see Ogunquit’s good side (that would be every side, in our opinion).

Switching up the sights is as simple as changing the timing of your stay. Every view takes on a fresh feel depending on the season, and as much as we love those summer beach days, no must-see list of Maine views is complete without spring blooms on the waterfront or fall foliage on Mount Agamenticus.

The Feeling Of Being Away From It All (Without Being Too Far Away)

The entrance to The Dunes is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from an ever-bustling downtown Ogunquit, but as soon as you cruise past our sign and into our collection of humble cottages, the atmosphere takes a dramatic turn onto relaxation road. A large thicket of trees separates us from the busy sights and sounds of Route 1, which means the remote feel of an unplugged getaway doesn’t come at the cost of venturing into the distant Maine wilderness (and you can still hop the Ogunquit trolley if you can’t resist a day of downtown shopping and dining).

We’ve seen many a Vacationland visitor ditch their devices on an unplugged vacation, but if you can’t bring yourself to completely get off the grid, don’t fret — our servers still pack a wallop of a Wi-Fi connection. 😉👍

A Cozy Corner To Call Your Own

An unplugged getaway goes beyond putting down handheld devices — it’s also about avoiding  busy amenities or navigating a lengthy labyrinth of hallways to get to your hotel room. Whether you decide to book a guestroom that sees one door frame — your own — or a roomy cottage suite with a full kitchen to cook up your favorite cottage recipes, sticking with simple accommodations allows you the ample elbow room to keep your Maine vacation restful and stress-free.

Yoga during an Ogunquit, Maine vacation.An Ideal Setting To Strike An Impressive Asana

In 2017, we introduced early morning yoga sessions here at The Dunes, giving waterfront relaxation its biggest splash yet. Whether you decide to join in on a pre-planned gathering of yogis or you’d rather do the downward dog on your own time and space, grassy lawns and water views surpass the studio any day.

We’d sing the praises of an unplugged Maine vacation until our throats go dry, but words can only do so much. Ogunquit’s comforts are only fully felt when you burrow your toes in the soft sand or kick back at a coastal cottage or guestroom of your own.

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