Attractions & Things to Do in Ogunquit

Attractions & Things to Do in Ogunquit

Why Vacation in Ogunquit?

How about some of the most remarkable beaches in all of Maine. A cozy seaside village right out of a picture book. And lots and lots of really cool stuff to do.  Is it any wonder that we decided to put down our stakes in Ogunquit?  And build one of the oldest cottage resorts in all of New England?  

Not really. Just think about it. Catch some rays. Kayak. Paddleboard. Take in some spectacular views along Marginal Way and Perkins Cove. Grab dinner and a drink at one of our trendy dining spots. Hit the streets for some true one-of-a-kind shopping opportunities. Check out the museums. Immerse yourself in one of the region’s most progressive cultural and arts scenes. Yes. There really is something for everyone here in Ogunquit. And most of it is just a short walk from The Dunes.

Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit Beach is naturally covered in fine, sugary, white sand, unlike many in New England. That sand also descends gradually into the water, creating a safe platform for swimming and other activities. 

Guests of The Dunes have direct access to a quieter, less crowded section of Ogunquit Beach, away from the main public access points. Just across the tidal river lie the sand dunes and the beach, with a boardwalk to cross over the natural vegetation of the dunes. You can row one of our boats across the river when the tide is in or take an easy walk when the tide is out.

The soft white sand that sets Ogunquit Beach apart is here to stay. Preservation projects that began decades ago have kept the dunes themselves intact. The sand dunes are considered a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation, where a variety of birds, butterflies, and other creatures flourish. As a bonus, the tall grasses and brush protect an unusually wide stretch of sand to enjoy, even at high tide.

Things to do in Ogunquit

When it comes time to venture away from the beach, you’ll find an impressive array of activities and attractions in Ogunquit. Whether you’re visiting New England for a relaxing getaway or a fun-filled family vacation, the options for shopping, dining, and sightseeing will leave you wondering where the time went. If you need some help finding things to do in Ogunquit during your stay, the staff at The Dunes will be happy to offer their local perspective. To get you started, we’ve put together the following list of unforgettable Ogunquit attractions.

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Ogunquit Restaurants

Looking for a taste of something more local – like a succulent Maine lobster right out of the Atlantic? Maybe you lean to the healthy side of things – like a plate of garden-fresh greens or a vegan dish created with ingredients from one of our nearby local farms?  Or maybe you’re a tried and true foodie – a connoisseur of exquisite, more imaginative, and flavorful culinary delights? Regardless of where your taste takes you, grab a plate (and maybe soak in an oceanside view or two) at one of these long-standing dining favorites here in Ogunquit.

Downtown Ogunquit / Closest to The Dunes

By Perkins Cove / The Marginal Way

Off The Beaten Path