The Things We’ll Remember Most From the 2019 Season

One of the hardest parts of what we do is bidding adieu to another magical season. We sure do miss the company. Now that we’re preparing to hunker down for a long Maine winter, we’d like to take a moment to look back at a few of the things that made 2019 such a remarkable year.

  1. We welcomed in our 84th season. Do the numbers. That’s a lot of good times. And a lot of guests. This year was picture perfect. Which only adds to that ever-growing list.
  2. This season marked the first time dogs were welcomed in select guest rooms and cottages. We guess the overwhelmingly positive response from animals and humans just goes to show that even dogs deserve a vacation now and then.
  3. Speaking of dogs, this year’s annual Doggy Weekend and Parade served as a great way to close out the season. There were plenty of our furry friends on hand to enjoy the festivities and treats while strutting their stuff in costumes that had to be seen to be believed. Got to hand it to the owners. A lot of imagination.
  4. In the “it could only happen at The Dunes” category; it seems we were paid a visit by a mermaid. Yes. A mermaid. She was spotted cooling her fin in our pool. We knew the pool was popular but …
  5. As always, our gardens were front and center this year. In fact, they were better than ever. Truly spectacular. Props to Celeste for her hard work and creativity. The perennials were especially eye-catching this season.
  6. One of our favorites – The Dunes 4th of July Decorating Contest – allowed our guests to show their patriotic nature. And their design chops. The cottages looked unreal. Never knew you could do so much with red, white and blue.
  7. There’s nothing like watching our guests embrace the beach lifestyle. Maybe it’s kicking back in the Adirondack chairs. Strolling the beach. Playing in the dunes with the family. Or navigating across the tidal river in a rowboat for the first time (usually weighted down with loads of beach stuff). Then there are the paddleboards and kayaks. Grilling out on the lawn. You get the point.
  8. What’s a visit to The Dunes without a night at the historic Ogunquit Playhouse? This was a banner season at the regional theater. Our guests were raving about everything from showstoppers like Kinky Boots and Menopause the Musical to traditional favorites like Jersey Boys and Murder on the Orient Express. Tickets were definitely in high demand.


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