Summer in Ogunquit: Our 4 Favorite Summer Sights

Southern Maine may be a four-season site for family adventure, but there’s something magical about summer in Ogunquit. From the gentle “good morning” of a painted sunrise to those unstoppable days of sand and surf on Ogunquit Beach, we could go on and on about Vacationland’s sun-sational summer attractions. Catch the rays from afar with our ode to summer sights in Maine.

Summer in Ogunquit, Maine is best spent enjoying captivating views on the waterfront.

1. Summer Sunrises

There’s only one way to properly start a summer day in Ogunquit: by appreciating the show-stopping beauty of a warm sunrise over the Atlantic. From late June to early September, early morning temperatures in Ogunquit usually fall between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit — perfect for stepping outside onto your cottage lawn, coffee in hand, bunny slippers still on. You’ll need to be up by 5:20 a.m. or so to catch the colors, but don’t worry about oversleeping; even the most regular bedheads will be motivated by the thought of these vivid views.

2. Coastal Vistas & Summer Gatherings

With fine-grain sand, rolling views of that deep-blue ocean, and plenty of room to find your own spot (three miles, to be exact), we’ve long-dubbed Ogunquit Beach as the best in Maine. While you can’t go wrong on any balmy day spent on our sandy shores, southern Maine’s summer celebrations are worth a trip in and of themselves. Spice up your beach day by showcasing your sandcastle artisanship at the annual Sandcastle Contest, perusing paintings and more at the Ogunquit Sidewalk Art Show & Sale, and of course, gazing at the breathtaking Ogunquit fireworks display.

3. Colorful Storms

When we get struck by a Nor’easter in the colder months, they arrive gray, gloomy, and angry-looking. In the summer, however, Maine’s stormy weather works with our warm saltwater air to produce brilliant colors. If you haven’t caught a faintly-colored storm coast over the Atlantic before, it’s just the type of unique southern Maine view that you’ll never forget.

Though we’d never wish for rain to fall on a day designed to appreciate Maine, every stormcloud has a silver lining. Thunderstorms and the pit-pat of rainfall have a way of making a humble green-shuttered cottage feel even cozier.

4. Clear Starry Skies

Stargazing on the lawn at The Dunes during a warm summer night in Maine.Southern Maine’s stellar summer views don’t end at sundown. After a long day out and about in Ogunquit, a peaceful night of stargazing is just what the Dunes doctor ordered. With minimal light pollution here in Ogunquit, you can expect the Milky Way to shine as brightly as you’ve ever seen — grab the biggest beach blanket you have, lay out on your back, and revel in a dazzling display of the Big Dipper in full.

We at The Dunes know how to spend the dog days of summer — by savoring one picturesque Maine sight after another, from sunrise to starlight.

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