Ogunquit Spring Getaway Guide: 5 Sure Signs of Spring in Maine

Ah yes, springtime in Ogunquit. Vibrant colors, fragrant aromas, and warm weather that can rejuvenate any weary soul after a long winter. Besides indicating balmy summer days ahead, spring in Ogunquit is quiet, peaceful, and full of activities and attractions that celebrate Maine’s charm and natural beauty.

Flowers popping up at The Dunes is a sure sign of spring in Maine.
Photo: John Sanderson.

5 Sure Signs of Spring in Ogunquit, Maine

1. Scenic Backdrops Change From Snow to Flowers

Maine usually endures harsh winters, so visits to Ogunquit tend to be far and few between during the cold months. After the great thaw, nothing tops returning to the Maine coast to enjoy an abundance of springtime activities amongst the flowers: sitting for a delightful picnic on the grass, tossing around a frisbee, or playing shuffleboard on the lawn are some favorites.

Accompanying the warm spring breezes at The Dunes are the bright and colorful blooms of the famous gardens. Watching the tulips and daffodils return to life is symbolic of new beginnings and provides a bright, aromatic kick-off to a new season.

2. Local Restaurants Finally Open Their Doors

Many of Ogunquit’s incredible restaurants are closed during the winter. As the weather warms up, our favorite eateries across southern Maine begin to re-open for the season with fresh energy (and often fresh menus). Most restaurants open in late April or early May, so check the opening dates as you begin to map out which spots you’ll be sampling this season.

3. Foot Traffic Returns to the Marginal Way

Springtime in Ogunquit, Maine means foot traffic returns to the Marginal Way.

After months of near-desolation, the popular Marginal Way finally sees the return of locals and visitors alike. The first walk down the Marginal Way after a long winter is like a return home, especially at the end, where you encounter coastal cafés on the shores of Perkins Cove. In addition to the Marginal Way, other walking paths like the Wells Reserve trails are popular spots to visit on a sunny spring day.

4. More and More Boats Are Seen Sailing the Atlantic

Another sign that spring has sprung in Maine: seeing the waters off Ogunquit Beach slowly but surely fill up with boaters, kayakers, and paddleboarders. If you want to join them, you might need to throw on an extra layer to keep warm on those spring mornings. Words can’t quite describe the blissful feeling you get when you head out onto the water for the first time in months.

5. Local Theatres, Venues & Festivals Put Their Schedules Together

As with restaurants and shops, local performance venues finally dust off their stage lights and pull up the curtains on new shows. For example, Ogunquit Playhouse usually starts off the season with a performance in May, and one or two more before the busy summer season begins. Also, be on the lookout for spring festivals in southern Maine, like the annual Kennebunkport Festival.

A bed of flowers at The Dunes.

Spring is a symbol of a fresh chapter, and the beginning of new adventures in Maine. From scenic sights with budding flowers to the re-opening of Ogunquit’s best and brightest, be ready to enjoy a spring getaway far quieter than that of the busy summer season — but with the same iconic sites, sounds, and activities you’d expect from any Maine getaway. Here at The Dunes, we see our annual spring re-opening as a fresh start and a new adventure in our beloved town of Ogunquit.

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