Best Restaurants in Ogunquit ME for Any Time of the Day

Choosing our favorite restaurants in Ogunquit, ME is no small feat. In fact, the list is so long that we couldn’t fit them all here. Instead, think of this as a guide to Ogunquit restaurants to get you started as you embark on your own culinary explorations.

Best for Breakfast

You can’t go wrong at The Egg & I — they’ve been dishing up hot meals in Ogunquit since the 1920s. A long-timTheEggI-300x210e favorite of guests of The Dunes (they’re right across the street), this pancake and waffle house has all the classics and plenty of creative variations for adventurous breakfasters. Whether you choose the tried-and-true flapjacks or the Lobster Benedict, your day will be off to a good start.

Anyone with a sweet tooth should know Bread and Roses Bakery. Fresh-baked pastries and breads (made with locally-sourced ingredients) are their specialty, so it’s a perfect match for the croissant-and-coffee types. Their breakfast menu is rounded out with an egg-on-croissant sandwich, quiche and oatmeal.

Great Restaurants in Ogunquit ME for a Lobster Fix

It would be nearly impossible to pick just one amazing place to eat lobster in Ogunquit, but since you can’t try them all in just one trip (really), the Ogunquit Lobster Pound is a good place to start. Ordering your lobster is half the fun, and the process hasn’t changed since they opened in 1931: diners walk outside the restaurant to the “pound” (seawater-filled tanks holding the day’s catch) to choose their lobster. Lobster and steamers are boiled right there, in water that comes straight from the Ogunquit tidal river. Best of all, the Lobster Pound is just behind our grounds and is an easy walk from any waterfront cottage — especially handy after a seafood feast.

On the other side of town, Barnacle Billy’s is a great choice for a lobster lunch or dinner while you’re out and about. Their deck is prime real estate — it looks out over Perkins Cove for a great view of local fishing and sailboats. Their lobster stew is a specialty.

Lobster restaurant in Ogunquit - Barnacle Billy's Barnacle Billy’s overlooks Perkins Cove. Photo: Barnacle Billy’s
Lobster restaurant in Ogunquit – Barnacle Billy’s
Barnacle Billy’s overlooks Perkins Cove. Photo: Barnacle Billy’s

Best for a Quick Bite

When there’s no time for lunch between beach time, shopping or just exploring the area, the Ogunquit Village Food Market is the place to go. Pick up provisions for a picnic — they have a long menu for sandwiches and salads — and you can get back to the rest of your day.

Did we miss one of your favorite restaurants in Ogunquit, ME? Let us know which one in the comments!

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