Porch Beers III: Breweries in Maine

Yes, we did it again. Porch Beers I and Porch Beers II were too much fun to write (who doesn’t love researching breweries in Maine?) so we’re bringing it home with Porch Beers III. As always, these beers from breweries in Maine are usually available throughout the state. If you’re lucky, they’ll all be in stock at Ogunquit’s Village Food Market so you can grab a case before you settle into your porch at the Dunes.

zoomed out photo of space within the screened in porch

Strong – Sedgwick

Plenty of craft breweries in Maine do a good job with witty, colorful names for their beer, and Strong Brewing is definitely one of them. The Maniac Double IPA will satisfy any hop lover, and it makes us proud to be Mainers.

Sea Dog – Topsham

English style only. That’s what you’re in for when you reach for a draft at Sea Dog. With locations in New Hampshire and Florida, this brewery isn’t exclusive to Maine but channels the rocky coasts and misty mornings well with their no-nonsense suds.

Orono – OronoOrono-Brewing-Company-Full-Color

One of the leading small breweries in Maine, Orono is built around their sole brewmaster Asa Marsh-Sachs whose creations range from IPAs to stouts to citrusy specials to nitros. Plus, we love a maine brewery named after an exquisite Maine place.

bunker brewing
Photo: Bunker Brewing

Bunker – Portland

The one truly urban brewery in this here list of breweries in Maine, Bunker is a small artisan brewery with an edgy, industrial vibe and a fierce love for the regional brewing community. If you’re into talking to hop supply chain while you quaff, this place is for you.

Bear Bones – Lewiston

The only nano-brewery on this list, Bear Bones is a unique operation out of Lewiston. Their batches are so small, that they can easily pivot with the seasons to supply drinkers and stockists with the brew they crave in a certain clime. Stouts for winter, and Grapefruit Saisons for summer is what we’d say.

Craving a swig of something rich, cold and carby? We thought you would be. All of those breweries in Maine we mentioned are well worth a trip, and if not that, their bottles are indeed well worth a buy. Combine some craft beer with an adirondack chair on the Dunes lawn or a wicker chair on your porch, and you’ve got the best of summer in a simple moment.

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