Paint … Hammers … Rakes … And Fresh Coffee … The Dunes in Ogunquit Gets Ready for 2023

This is the time of year where we throw open the shutters and let the sunshine in. After all, opening day is right around the corner.

As stewards of this seaside cottage colony, one that has been in our family for over 85 years, there is plenty to do to get ready for our guests. Even though our winter may have been mild by Maine standards, there were still lots of wet, heavy icey storms and fallen tree limbs. Which is why we prepare for the worse each fall before gearing up for the next season each spring.

Just to list a few of the tasks involved in getting ready for a new season…we remove the panels from the porches and install the freshly painted screens. We bring all of the porch furniture out after it has been safely stored away for the winter. Then it is washed and readied for our guests. During the past few months, we have painted all of the adirondack chairs to make sure they are now ready to be enjoyed – a favorite activity here at The Dunes. We hang curtains, remove chimney caps and bring out the tables and umbrellas. Finally, we restock all of our rooms and cottages with freshly laundered linens and finish it all off with essential staples like coffee, tea and toiletries.

Now is also the time of year when our coastal Maine landscape turns from snow to the new life springing up in our gardens. We have a major garden clean up after the winter. Celeste, our gardener, works hard to locate, plant and tend a collection of perennials, annuals, herb gardens, wildflowers and veggies that can withstand the harsh winter temperatures. As a result, we have eight gardens that are alive with color throughout the seasons.

Finally, you know the season’s upon us when our rowboats are first lowered back into the water. They sit snugly together at the end of our small dock. If you want to cross the Tidal River to Ogunquit Beach at high tide, there’s no better way to do it dryly than with a rowboat. But like all boats, they need a thorough going over, inspection and repairs to make sure they’re shipshape.

Our 88th season is upon us. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome all of our old and new friends back to The Dunes on the Waterfront. We are ready and waiting to help you make new vacation memories.

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