Ogunquit Fishing Boat and Lobster Boat Tours

Life in Maine is hard to imagine without including some aspect of its seafaring culture. Along with the classic image of whales breaching off the coast, we picture salt-sprayed fishermen battling the elements to bring home their hard-won catch. If you’re the sort of traveler that enjoys a little adventure on your vacation, you can live that fantasy with an Ogunquit fishing boat or lobster boat tour.

Fishing Boat Tours

Ogunquit has a long history of fishing. The area of Perkins Cove was originally known as Fish Cove, and it was a popular spot for both shallow-water and deep-sea fishermen to harbor and bring in their catch. Today you can re-create that excitement with a fishing boat tour.

One option for fishing tours in Ogunquit is Bunny Clark Deep Sea Fishing, which lets guests catch and keep a variety of deep sea fish from the Maine coast. Fishers aboard the Bunny Clark have caught Atlantic cod, pollock, halibut, haddock and more. Even better, the experienced crew of the ship will help passengers land and gaff the fish, and they can even clean and fillet it for you if you like. The cost of your ticket also includes the use of custom fishing rods, jigging sticks, and other deep sea gear. Bunny Clark offers both newcomers and budding deep-sea fishers a combination of authentic experience and helpful assistance, making it a perfect fishing boat tour for families and enthusiasts alike.

Deep sea fishing boat tour Another nearby fishing tour is Captain’s Catch, which sails out of Wells Harbor. With two boats offering a variety of tours and trips, you’ll find the perfect service for you and yours. With trips ranging from two-hour inshore “discovery” cruises to a full day 10-hour offshore adventure, we’re confident that you’ll find something here to enjoy. Inshore trips are perfect for those looking for smaller, easy-to-land fish like mackerel and stripers; they are a good match for families and less-experienced anglers. Offshore trips run longer and focus on big catches like cod, haddock, and even sharks, giving even seasoned fishermen a challenge. In other words, these Ogunquit fishing trips offer the perfect fun and adventure for everyone.

Lobster Boat Tours

Maine and lobster go together like… well, like lobster and butter. Lobstering is one of our most popular, and most revered, traditions. And while lobster fishermen are generally known for being hardworking and no-nonsense, they’re also glad to share their profession with outsiders. If you’re less of an angler and more of a trapper, you might consider a lobster boat tour for you and your friends or family.

The first option for a lobstering tour is from Finest Kind Cruises in Perkins Cove. Alongside their more relaxing cruises, their lobster boat tour takes guests on an authentic lobster trapping run off the coast of Ogunquit. These tours are good fun for families and children, as they combine the experience of lobster fishing with a guided tour of the region. The boat guide will explain the lobstering process and the fishery, and will also point out other scenery and points of interest along the way. You’ll also get to see the lobster traps, or “pots,” being pulled firsthand, and watch as the lobsters are sorted and banded on the boat.

The Atlantic isn’t the only destination for lobstering — you can also take a lobstering tour up the Kennebunk River with Rugosa Lobster Tours in Kennebunkport, just a short drive from Ogunquit. These tours last between one and two hours and allow guests to either sit back and watch or join in on the lobstering process. You’ll also get a scenic tour of the Kennebuck River coastline, allowing for plenty of photo opportunities and learning.

No matter what you choose to catch, you can enjoy your haul at the end of the day in your cottage at The Dunes on the Waterfront. Many of our beachside cottages have private kitchens, making them perfect for grilling up your cod or having a family lobster boil.

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