A Day at Ogunquit Beach: 6 Things To Do in the Sand

Ogunquit is a dream come true for any family beach day, and it’s all because of that remarkable sand. The fine-grain, white sand on Ogunquit Beach is among the softest in Maine. There also isn’t a single sharp rock to be seen (or stepped on), so you can count on a safe, yet unstoppable beach day. Here are six things you can do in the midst of Ogunquit’s splendid sands.

A sand castle on Ogunquit Beach.

1. Build The Best Sand Castles Ever

Does your family contain one or two aspiring sandcastle artisans? If so, they won’t be let down on Ogunquit Beach. With no pebbles beneath your construction site, you focus on producing some royal handiwork. Pro tip: add natural materials like seaweed and shells to take your creation to the next level.

If you’re feeling competitive, time your visit with Ogunquit’s annual Sandcastle Contest, held every July at Ogunquit Beach. If you haven’t quite developed your construction skills yet, join the cheering section, and gaze upon the fortresses and figures of Maine’s best sand-smiths.

2. Hunt For Crabs, Seashells, and Other Beach Treasures

Searching for shells on Ogunquit's beaches.

The sands of Ogunquit Beach are ripe with treasures — you’ll encounter surf clams, soft shell clams, blue mussels, and more. Vibrant colors and shiny surfaces are sure to draw the eye, and you can expect to bring home a real treasure trove of seaside prizes following your Ogunquit Beach expedition.

3. Set Your Kite to the Skies

Gusty winds make for some prime coastal kite-flying. Trying to control those sky-high contraptions can induce minutes of hysterical laughter, but you’ll be left speechless at the Ogunquit Kite Festival, where dozens of colorful crafts take full advantage of September’s autumn breeze.

4. Enjoy a Family Picnic

Prep some potato salad from the comfort of your cottage kitchen and pack a beach cooler — bringing your own grub means more hours by the water (always a plus in our book). If you forget your favorite fare, don’t worry. Concessions are available at each of the two main access points during the summer, so you can grab some beach-ready deliciousness on-the-go.

5. Make a Sand Angel

It’s like a snow angel, but much more “Ogunquit.” Start by scouting the quietest spots on Ogunquit Beach, so you can really let your sand angel fly. The middle section, Footbridge Beach, requires a bit of extra walking from either access point, but it remains the Ogunquit shoreline’s best-kept secret. Once you’ve found some empty space, all you have to do is fall back onto the sand and flap your wings.

6. Slide Down The Dunes

No, not on the roofs of our whitewashed cottages — the actual dunes on the other side of the Tidal River. While our boardwalk will successfully take you over the dunes, the adventurous are more than welcome to seek out a steep mound and slide into the river.

The sand on Ogunquit Beach in Ogunquit, Maine.

When you consider how many coastlines in Maine are encircled by rocky cliffs, Ogunquit’s angelic beaches stand out as the family-friendly choice. Make a reservation here at The Dunes to put yourself just a short paddle away from Ogunquit Beach — we’ll be the one-stop anchor for your beach vacation in Maine.

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