Photos: Ogunquit 2014 Season Highlights

The cottages are shuttered, snow is flurrying into our forecasts, and with the holidays on their way, we have a lot to be thankful for here at The Dunes. Spring, summer, and fall of 2014 came together to make one of the most memorable and fun seasons in our 79 years of welcoming visitors, and we sent it off in style at the end of October. Ogunquit’s beauty wouldn’t be the same without all of the fantastic guests we get to share it with, so here’s a virtual round of applause for all of you — thanks for a stellar 2014 and happy holidays!

Here are some of our favorite photos — we caught a few moments ourselves, but most are from our guests’ trusty cameras. Share your shots with us on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll add them to the gallery below!

Another Day at The Dunes
Photo by Kate Carr Connors


Dunes Cottage #3
Photo by the Cohen family
Marginal Way
Photo by the Cohen family
Our Dock at The Dunes
Photo by Trish O’Neill

Sunrise over the tidal river

Bird by the tidal river
Photo by Chris Van Vlack

View of Ogunquit Watefront cottage at Sunrise

Dunes Adirondack Chairs

Ogunquit Sunrise
Photo by Jan Rose
Ogunquit River Maine
Photo by Dave Bradley
Ogunquit Rowboats
Photo by Jason Pollock
Ogunquit Tidal River
Photo by Lisa Oteri

Ogunquit Kite Festival

Ogunquit Sunrise
Photo by Bob Lutz
Fall in Ogunquit
Fall at the Ogunquit Museum of American Art



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