Mount Agamenticus: Hard to Say, Fun to Explore

We talk a lot about outdoor activities in the Ogunquit area, but we have yet to talk much about one of the most fun and beautiful recreation spots in our neck of the woods: Mount Agamenticus. This seaside mountain is the perfect destination for any Maine vacationers who want to explore the beauty and natural wonder of Maine’s natural world, and it’s just a few miles from Ogunquit.

View from Mt. Agamenticus

Since its discovery and early exploration in the 1600′s, Mt. Agamenticus (or “Mt. A” as it’s known by locals) has been used for a variety of programs, projects, and activities. In colonial times, and up until the 1900s, the area was heavily farmed and used for its abundant timber resources. In the 1940s, Mt. A played host to the United States’ first radar tower due to its height and proximity to the ocean. Twenty years later the mountain was developed into a ski resort called “The Big A,” but the warm ocean breezes forced it out of business just nine years later. Now the mountain is well-known for its extensive hiking and mountain biking trail network and its stance toward wildlife and nature conservation.

With a summit altitude of approximately 691 feet, Mount Agamenticus provides a good balance between accessibility and challenge. More than 40 miles of hiking, biking, and activity trails criss-cross the mountain, including three loop trails of varying difficulty. Surrounding the trails is more than 10,000 acres of conserved land, making it the largest undeveloped coastal forest between Acadia National Park and the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. You won’t be able to experience hiking or outdoor activity in Maine anywhere else as pristine.

Mount A also features abundant wildlife, making it a great location for animal lovers to visit. Aquatic and amphibian life such as newts, turtles, and salamanders flock to the region in the spring and early summer, while the fall features the magnificent hawk migration. More than 4,000 raptors of various species migrate past Mt. A each year, giving the mountain trails an excellent reputation with bird watchers and nature lovers.

The conservation area around Mount Agamenticus is also the site of seveFalcon up closeral vernal pools, unusual wetland features that fill with snow melt every spring only to dissipate over the year. These wetlands are surrounded by many kinds of forests filled with rare or uncommon plants and trees. In short, anyone with an appreciation for nature’s beauty will love this little corner of Maine.

Now, we’re coming to the best part of Mt. Agamenticus – the views. Its peak towers well above the surrounding area, and thanks as well as to its closeness to the ocean, Mt. A offers some of the most breathtaking views of southern Maine you’ll find. On clear days you can see from the ocean all the way to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Nowhere else in the area can you get such a splendid look at the rolling hills and forests.

Whether you’re an ardent hiker, a keen-eyed animal enthusiast, or just someone who wants to spend a nice day among the trees, Mt. Agamenticus is one of the best places for you to visit. And since it’s only a short drive away from our Ogunquit beach cottages for rent, you’d be hard-pressed to think of a reason not to go.


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