Mother’s Day in Maine – The Ogunquit Take

Mother’s Day in Maine –– when done the Ogunquit way –– is not your usual frazzle of food and flowers. Instead, this town inspires us to take time and mull over how amazing our mothers are. Ready to switch up the way you do Mom’s Day? Read on for great ways to take things slower and show more love. 




Field flower farm 2
Photo: Field Floral Studio

If you’re looking to spend Mother’s Day in Maine, Ogunquit is the seaside town for you. The long stretches of white sand on Ogunquit Beach, a petite downtown, and the calm of classic waterfront cottages make for a stunning and serene place to celebrate your Mother.

Mother’s Day in Ogunquit begins, of course, with brunch at Bintliff’s. Their classic American brunch fare with a hint of old school glamor make Bintliff’s the kind of place you can’t wait to enjoy once or twice a year on special occasions. If you’ll be cheersing Mom with booze, the bloody mary’s will do just fine. Or, if you’d prefer something lighter, there’s a bevy of alternative breakfast joints in Ogunquit to suit your taste.

Our stretch of Ogunquit BeachAfter fueling up, head out for a long & lazy walk on Ogunquit Beach. Not just for lovers, beach walks are also the best for Mother’s Day heart-to-hearts. Here, the expansive views and quiet waves set the scene perfectly for your statements of appreciation. If you’re not the type to state outright how much you care, spending quality family time outdoors is a kind of gift in itself. If you’d like more structure on your walk, take a gander at one or two of the many small scale museums and galleries Ogunquit has on offer. 

Once you’ve filled up on food and emptied out your heart, return to your cottage’s screened in porch and pop a sauvignon blanc or other springy beverage. Swill it slowly as you watch the sun’s last light wash the dunes in red as it descends over the Ogunquit Tidal River.


As you now know, Mother’s Day in Ogunquit Maine is all about those pretty pauses: lingering over a rich meal, sauntering along the Atlantic Ocean, and sipping wine by sunset… As for gifts, there’s nothing more beautiful or more Maine than a locally-grown and partly edible flower bouquet from Field Floral Studio. They’re not based in Ogunquit but if you order in advance they will deliver! Drop that arrangement into a vase on your screen porch’s table, and the Mother’s Day moment (full of wild Maine beauty) will be complete.


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