So long, Summer! 3 Things We’ll Miss About This Season

Although Southern Maine fun never goes out of season, there is something indelibly magical about summer in this southern Maine region. Maybe it’s the new faces, the warm breezes, or the delectable blueberries –– probably a combination of all three. Before the hot days completely slip away and we get our flannel shirts back out, we’re taking a written moment to revel in all that we love about the summer season and all the Southern Maine fun it provides.

Just to be clear, the summer is far from over even though we’re already getting sappy about it. Ocean swimming, ice cream eating, and cottage living is wholly possible come September. In fact, we don’t shut down until October for that very reason.IMG_5410


The sun rises all year round, but summer sunrises are sweet and balmy like you wouldn’t believe. Plus, catching the sunrise is a savored tradition of so many of our summer guests. Not to get poetic or anything, but it’s also the sunrise colors –– burnished reds, faint pinks, and blazing oranges that we associate with the warmer months.

Colorful Storms

IMG_1297When Nor’easters hit us in the winter, they’re invariably grey and freezing and angry-looking. In summer, however, the weather we get tends to react with the warm air to produce brilliant sights. It’s always a pleasure to watch as a rainbow emerges out of the clouds. Plus, for families and kids coming from the city, getting to watch a brightly colored storm plow over the ocean in real time is the kind of Southern Maine fun that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Eating Seafood by the SeaIMG_5385

Of all the seafood dives in all of New England, the best are always right on the water. That’s the situation with Fisherman’s Catch in Wells. A shanty-style building that hugs the marshlands of Wells Harbour, the Catch is Southern Maine fun in food form: a live lobster well greets guests on their way in, and a bowl of peppermints offers itself up on the way out. Best of all, this restaurant is adorned with paper towel racks above each table so that you can clean up after digging into that lobster fingers first.

The warmth of a sunrise, the surprising pinks of a post-storm rainbow, and the glossy red of a cooked lobster –– all the things we love most about summer are colors! However, if you know New England you know that fall is truly the most colorful time of year.

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