4 Labor Day Ideas for a Trip to Ogunquit

Pencil in an escape to Maine for this September.



When you’re hungry for more than a burger in the backyard, Labor Day ideas can be tough to come by. Younger kids aren’t quite back in school but the college students just left. For those not beholden to a school calendar, a Labor Day trip to Maine can be a great way to spend this treasured three-day weekend. If you can make it to the coast, try out some of our favourite Labor Day ideas around Ogunquit.

Strolling Downtown Ogunquit

Labor Day Weekend Sidewalk Sale

Summer weather usually sticks around till at least late September, but you wouldn’t know it the way downtown’s shops go all-out for the Labor Day Weekend Sidewalk Sale. This is prime time to stock up on gifts for the whole family, from T-shirts to local Ogunquit arts and crafts. Labor Day strolling wouldn’t be complete, of course, without a whoopie pie from Bread and Roses Bakery.

Ogunquit Beach - Labor Day Weekend Dine Early, Then Stroll

This tip applies for most of the summer, but it works especially well over Labor Day weekend: while everyone else is straggling, crack into a fresh-caught Maine lobster at one of our favourite Ogunquit restaurants. We’re talking five or six o’clock here, which leaves plenty of daylight for an evening stroll along emptied-out beaches.

Grab a Drink and Relax

Labor Day is all about rest and relaxation, and you’ve earned it. The Ogunquit area has more local breweries than ever, and the turn of the season means it’s time to keep an eye out for special tastings and new batch releases. And if you haven’t ventured into the The Front Porch, Labor Day weekend is one of the best chances to get the full experience: expect adventurous cocktails with a healthy dose of live piano.

Mr. Gay Ogunquit Speedo Pageant

Though clothing styles have changed quite a bit in the four decades since its inception, bright colors and tight waistlines dominate the Mr. Gay Ogunquit Speedo Pageant year after year. The pageant makes for an especially festive and ever-so-slightly risqué day at the beach—a fabulously good time for those comfortable in their own skin.

Even with a little extra going on around town, we won’t judge you if you’d rather just stick to the basics: here at The Dunes, Ogunquit Beach lies just a row or a walk across the tidal river, and sometimes that’s all we need.

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