Guide to OgunquitFest: Five Unique Fall Events in Ogunquit

Fall is here, and with it comes one of our favorite events of the year: OgunquitFest. In the midst of our full month of Ogunquit Oktoberfest celebrations, this annual weekend festival adds and extra layer of fun to downtown Ogunquit — it’s packed with Ogunquit fall activities for the whole family. To us, these five unique and exciting OgunquitFest events make it one of the finest fall festivals in all of New England.

Ogunquit in Fall - OgunquitFest

The Autumn Bazaar

More than 75 vendors come together to offer unique, one-of-a-kind items for sale alongside Ogunquit Beach. Items include handmade crafts and artisanal products, plus fresh foods and produce from local growers and farms. The Bazaar makes for a great head start on Christmas shopping.

OgunquitFest Obstacle Course

Looking for a way to keep the little ones entertained (or maybe just tire them out)? The OgunquitFest Obstacle Course is a family favorite — set up on the soft sand of Main Beach, this Halloween-themed course gives kids a chance to run around and parents a chance to relax by the sea.

OgunquitFest High Hell Dash - Measuring the Heels High Heel Dash

Join the bravest of the brave in a madcap race around Perkins Cove. All participants must wear heels of at least two inches, but the struggle just might be worthwhile: trophies, prize money, and huge bragging rights are on the line. Costumes are encouraged for extra hilarity.

Ogunquit River Gourd Race

One of OgunquitFest’s signature events, the Gourd Race pits 250 floating gourds against each other in a breakneck dash down the Ogunquit River. Each gourd only costs $5, and you’ll have a chance to win special prizes as well as half of the proceeds from the race.

Bonus – Everything Else

Along with all these great OgunquitFest events, Ogunquit itself is charming in the fall. The beach is quiet and the air is crisp and fresh, making it perfect for enjoying the outdoors or walking by the sea.

If you’re thinking of visiting in October, imagine snuggling up by the fireplace in your very own private Ogunquit cottage with the tidal river, sand dunes, and Atlantic Ocean in view.


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