Maine Cottage Recipes Volume II: 5 Easy Vacation Meals

When it comes to Maine’s delicious delicacies, we have nothing but praise for downtown Ogunquit restaurants. But, preparing a simple, clean meal inside a cozy cottage kitchen can make staying in just as satisfying as dining out. Find yourself a new favorite recipe to whip up on the waterfront with our second installment of easy vacation meals, sent our way by Dunes family chefs on Facebook.

A full kitchen in one of our cottages at The Dunes on the Waterfront (perfect for making an easy vacation recipe).

Breakfast: Healthy Chocolate & Banana “Quesadilla”

Healthy Chocolate & Banana, an easy Maine vacation recipe.
Photo: Danielle Green, The Creative Bite.

After a show-stopping sunrise and a hot cup of coffee to help you hit the ground running, an elaborate breakfast prep is the last thing you’ll want to encounter. With only three healthy ingredients and a total of nine minutes of prep and cooking time, Healthy Chocolate & Banana “Quesadillas” won’t put the brakes on your morning momentum. In fact, with eight grams of fiber per serving, you’ll be serving up a sweet treat and supplying yourself enough energy fit for a long day of exploring downtown attractions in Ogunquit.

Drink: Wild Blueberry, Blood Orange, and Ginger Smoothie

After (or during) a day of soaking up the sun on Ogunquit Beach, there’s nothing like a Wild Blueberry, Blood Orange, and Ginger Smoothie to help a Maine lover beat the heat. The zest of the blood orange and ginger adds a little punch to this delicious Vacationland drink. While the recipe calls for two cups of frozen wild blueberries (available in downtown Ogunquit), you’ll thank yourself later for picking up a couple extra — frozen blueberries make a chilling summertime snack.

Photo: Jessica Lee Paulos, Vitalized Body.

Appetizer: Marinated Cooling Cucumbers

When the heat hits that mid-afternoon peak, how does one keep their cool and still stay satiated? Dunes guest Jessica R. hits two birds with one recipe by preparing Marinated Cooling Cucumbers.

Not only does this low-calorie snack allow you to save space for supper, it’s also 96% water, offering a tasty way to hydrate as you kick back in your Adirondack chair.

Dinner: Garlic Butter Lobster Rolls

When in Ogunquit, it’s easy to let our acclaimed restaurants take the reins when making succulent lobster meals. However, if you’d like to take the Vacationland vibes home with you, try your hand at making Garlic Butter Lobster Rolls while you’re still in the land of lobsters. Head downtown for New England-style rolls and seaworthy seasonings, pick up some freshly-fished lobster right across the street at The Lobster Pound, and get set to sizzle yourself a magnificent Maine course.

Dessert: Maine Blueberry Pie

We all have a sweet tooth in need of catering now and again — so why not do so in the most Maine way possible? Take a tip from Dunes guest Mary G., who’s made a summer tradition of buying fresh blueberries from a stand right down the road and baking at least one Maine Blueberry Pie during every visit. If you can’t find a berry vendor nearby or would rather savor the fruits of your own labor, head to The Friendly Blueberry Patch just next door in York and pick your own (just be careful not to snack on your entire basket on the way back to Ogunquit!).

When you mix a fully-functional kitchen and a screened-in porch where you can enjoy your meals with waterfront views, you’ll instantly find that a cottage or cottage suite isn’t an acquired taste. No matter which meals you make during your Ogunquit getaway, all the freshly-picked produce and ingredients you need can be found at Ogunquit’s Village Food Market, just a short trolley ride away from our front entrance at The Dunes.

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