Dunes Icons: The Things We Love The Most

When we asked our guests what sticks in their minds most about a trip to The Dunes, they had plenty to share. Like so much of coastal Maine, our property here at The Dunes stands out in many ways. However, having been a traditional cottage resort for over a century now helps us on the iconic bit. The following things and views are what our guests love and remember most.

If you’re curious about what a vacation at The Dunes is really like on those atmospheric levels than this post is for you.


Susan Pearson McFadden
Photo: Susan Pearson McFadden

Row, row, row your boat right across the Tidal River. Our rowboats sit snugly together at the end of our small dock. It’s not often that an old school transportation technology like the rowboat is actually useful anymore. Here at The Dunes however, if you want to cross the Tidal River to Ogunquit Beach at high tide, there’s no better way to do it dryly than with a rowboat.

IMG_5410Adirondack Chairs

Peppered around our property are these sturdy white and ever-welcoming relaxation implements also known as Adirondack chairs. Why are they iconic to us, you ask? Simply because of the stellar views you can soak in from their perch. Plus, they do double duty as a towel rack at the end of a beach day.

Mud flats

Elly May
Photo: Elly May

Another Dunes icon that comes into play thanks to our nearness to the river, the tidal mud flats are beloved by guests across the world for the dynamism they bring to the day. Full tide, low tide, mid tide, and all the nuanced variations between those three mean that there is always a different watery scene to take in.


Gardens by Celeste. That is just about all we need to say here for die hard Dunes fans to know what we’re talking about. For those who aren’t informed, the gardens that anoint our grounds are incredibly unique and quintessentially gorgeous. The flowers are colorful, the grasses are whimsical, and the succulents are juicy. Time and time again, our guests are full of praise for Celeste’s careful work.

2013 64
Photo: Mary Sullivan

Sunsets & Sunrises

Rita Donovan
Photo: Rita Donovan

Hurray for the sun! Once again, thanks to our location right on the cusp of the Ogunquit Tidal River, the sunrises and sunsets that we are blessed with here are indomitable in their extravagance. Just imagine: there is no tree, house, or hill in sight to block your view –– only the smooth surface of the Atlantic and the Tidal River to reflect and enhance the brilliance. And, if we may so ourselves, the truly special part to the sunrises and sunsets at The Dunes is the fact that so many people get their bodies up out of bed before dawn to catch them.

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