Dreaming of Summer …

10 Things That Time Never Changes at The Dunes on the Waterfront

Winter got you down? Can’t put 2020 in the rearview mirror fast enough? Then it’s only natural that you might be dreaming about The Dunes and our seashore cottages. After all, the 2021 season will be here faster than you can say Ogunquit. And while change seems to be the operative  word these days, plenty of the best things about The Dunes experience never do seem to change. They are simply timeless. And perhaps a bit immune to the world swirling around them. Here are just a few. Maybe they’ll help fuel those dreams of better days ahead while making it through the next couple months.

1.) Sand dunes. We’re nestled among a lot of them.

2.) Crabbing at the boat dock.

3.) Hunting for sea glass in the early morning mist.

4.) Watching the waves crash against the rocks on the Marginal Way.

5.) A sunset glass of wine in one of our adirondacks.

6.)  Chasing butterflies with your daughter. (The Dunes is a (Monarchwatch/Waystation).

7.) Building the perfect sandcastle … and watching it wash away.

8.) Rowing to, or from, Ogunquit Beach at high tide. Walking at low. We’ll provide the boats. Not the feet.

9.) The soothing sound of rolling breakers in the distance.

10.) Starry, starry nights. No light pollution. Dark skies. It’s stargazing at its best.

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