Best Places To See Wildlife in Southern Maine

From the majestic moose to the huge humpback, Maine has long been known for its vast and unique wildlife. However, with so many beautiful beaches and charming towns in southern Maine, many visitors miss the opportunity to track down these animals. Get outside on your next vacation, and visit some of the best places to see wildlife in southern Maine.

Best Places To See Wildlife in Southern Maine
Photo: Maine Office of Tourism

Best Places To See Wildlife In Southern Maine

Eastern Egg Rock

No, that’s not a penguin you’re seeing. Maine is the only place in the United States where you can see puffins in the wild. Many of the small islands off the coast of Maine are filled top to bottom with these charming little birds. In southern Maine, no place is better than Eastern Egg Rock for spotting the puffin. Take a Hardy Boat Cruise, based in New Harbor, around the island, and watch these birds swim and romp in their natural habitat.

Puffins in Maine
Photo: Maine Office of Tourism

Monhegan Island

Puffins aren’t the only birds that Maine can boast. A huge population of migrating birds makes Maine one of the best places to see wildlife if you’re a bird enthusiast. Due to its location along the Atlantic Flyway, Monhegan Island is a particularly busy bird habitat during spring and fall. You may even have the opportunity to see birds that don’t normally visit the mainland. Access the island via ferry from Port Clyde, New Harbor, or Boothbay Harbor. Also, because this island is so notable for its bird populations, you can meet and swap stories with fellow bird watchers from across the country.

Acadia National Park

If you want to see a moose on your trip to coastal Maine, Acadia National Park is your best bet. While sightings are not common, moose have been known to roam the park and reveal themselves to visitors. Acadia National Park, a couple hours north of Portland, Maine, is one of the best places to see wildlife in Maine for many reasons other than moose. With over 1700 species of animals in the park, you’re almost guaranteed to have an encounter with nature. Head to the shore and keep an eye out for adorable harbor seal pups or spot the majestic bald eagle as you kayak in Frenchman Bay.

Maine Whale Watching Tours

While all of Maine’s wildlife is spectacular, nothing quite compares to the whale. Look out for the world’s largest mammals aboard one of southern Maine’s whale watch boats, and get ready to be splashed! On some days, you may be lucky enough to see the Humpback breeching right next to your boat, but it isn’t the only whale you’ll spot on your tour. In the warmer months, Finback, Right, and Minke whales as well as the Humpback migrate to the feeding grounds off the coast of Maine. See if you can spot the differences between these whale species.

In southern Maine, not all the best places to see wildlife are remote islands or national parks. You have the opportunity to witness wildlife anywhere that you travel. If you want to experience nature from the comfort of your own front porch, consider a cottage at Dunes on the Waterfront, where beachfront views will give you a front row ticket to southern Maine birds and wildlife.

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