A Preview of Coming Attractions

Scenes From The Dunes Gardens

Yes. The Dunes 2020 season is on hold. While we’re waiting this thing out, we thought we’d help brighten things up a bit by offering a sneak peek at a truly special attraction… one you definitely won’t want to miss when things do open up …

Our gardens.

Ask anyone about their favorite experiences here at The Dunes. Most will tell you that our collections of perennials, annuals, herb gardens, wildflowers and veggies rank right up there with the fabulous ocean vistas and whitewashed cottages. Over the past 80 some years, these remarkably vibrant and colorful gardens have continued to enchant … fascinate …  and garner rave reviews from guests who have been both surprised and delighted after discovering these often unexpected treasures for themselves. And they aren’t hard to find. In fact, the eight gardens (count ‘em) have been strategically scattered throughout our property to maximize and enhance their beauty and visual impact.

It takes a lot of hard work, imagination and tender loving care to make this happen year in and year out. Enter Celeste Kelly. As our gardener, Celeste has been the guiding force behind all of this landscaping magic for over 30 years. With her thorough knowledge of every single flower and plant that’s been placed in the ground here at The Dunes, we can’t think of a better person to give you a quick peek at what’s going on with our gardening scene. We hope this rich palette of seasonal colors will provide our fans with a much-needed distraction … a little hope … and something to look forward to.

Here are a few of Celeste’s favorite highlights.

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