5 Reasons to Stay at a Seaside Maine Cottage

As you’re searching for hotels in Maine, it’s easy to get caught up in the grand amenities of a fancy resort. However, we at The Dunes know that the greatest, most authentic Maine vacations are those that involve classic cottages by the sea. Here are five reasons why our seaside Maine cottages make the best coastal getaways ever.

Seaside Maine cottage at The Dunes.

1. A Cottage Feels Like Home

At a standard hotel, corridors of cookie-cutter rooms can make you feel like you’re nothing more than “guest number thirty-five.” A homey cottage by the sea, however, yields a different experience. Hardwood floors, spacious lawns, and white-picket fences create a welcoming, cozy getaway. One or two return visits can feel like an arrival at your second home, rather than just a place to crash on your way to other vacation activities.

2. Gorgeous Ocean Views Are Right at Your Doorstep

Nope, not just from the inside of a giant hotel window. You can brew yourself a cup of Joe, stroll outside in your bunny slippers, and catch a glorious sunrise over the water. It’s your own space, and a beautiful view that is as intimate as it is breathtaking. The coastal views of Ogunquit Beach are the reasons postcards were invented.

3. You Can Eat Out Or Make Your Own Cottage Meals

Full kitchen inside cottage #13 at The Dunes.

Usually, vacation means a break from the slicing and dicing of meal prep. In Ogunquit, there’s no shortage of delectable restaurants to include in your itinerary, but a full kitchen also allows for the chance to prepare fresh meals at your leisure. Try some of our delicious, easy-to-prepare cottage recipes to compliment your ocean view.

4. The Whole Family Will Appreciate The Wide Open Space

Cottage lawns allow space for kids to run around, while giving you plenty of choices for a quiet spot to unwind (perhaps with an evening glass of wine in hand). Lawn games and activities are a must for family time — here at The Dunes, we have a designated shuffleboard area, basketball court, and swimming pool.

5. It Doesn’t Get Any More Maine Than a Whitewashed Cottage

Whitewashed cottages are a staple of Maine history and culture. It’s the rustic charm and Victorian romance of 19th-century architecture that compels you to say “That’s so Maine.” In stark contrast to the grandiosity of a fancy resort, the simple aesthetic of cottage life captures the hearts of Maine lovers everywhere.

Seaside cottages are the quintessence of a relaxing Maine vacation, offering the peace and comfort of a true home away from home. There’s nothing like waking up, getting a whiff of that ocean air, and knowing that you’re enjoying Maine at its finest. Don’t just take our word for it — fall in love with one of our seaside Maine cottages at The Dunes to see why families keep coming back to The Dunes year after year.

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