Rowboats at The Dunes Ogunquit resort

How the Tides in Ogunquit Work

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With its place on the ocean shore, Ogunquit, Maine is known for many things — fishing, beautiful beaches and dunes, and beautiful summer weather among the most notable. However, one thing many new people don’t often consider is a fundamental part of living next to or visiting the ocean: the tides.

Ogunquit Beach and River at low tide

At the end of the Ogunquit River. Credit: Tomwys [Wikimedia Commons. License]

Tides in Ogunquit are a simple phenomenon when you understand them, but many visitors have a hard time getting used to the daily rise and fall of the ocean. But once you understand the principal behind them, you’ll know why people say “as reliable as the tide.”

The source of the daily rise and fall of the tides is twofold: the sun and the moon. Both the sun and the moon exert a gravitational pull on the Earth – but the only part that really moves is the water. As the Earth goes around the sun, and the moon goes around the Earth, they both pull on the waters of the ocean, leading to its daily ebb and flow.

This motion is so regular and predictable, in fact, that the position of the tides can be calculated far into the future – the US Harbors website, for example, has charts of the exact timing and height of each high and low tide for the next year, for every harbor in the United States, including Perkins Cove. Knowing when the Ogunquit tides will change is essential to having a good day at the beach!

There are several good places to observe the tides at work in Ogunquit. The tidal Ogunquit River runs between the mainland and a small peninsula, and twice a day it fills and empties along with the ocean waters. The tide causes the river’s level to rise and fall by several feet, depending on the day and the strength of the tide. This also causes Maine’s famous Ogunquit Beach to sink almost entirely beneath the waves each day, only to reemerge a few hours later, ready to delight beachgoers again.

Rowboats at The Dunes Ogunquit resort

The ever-changing Ogunquit River is a constant part of life at The Dunes. When full, it reflects the memorable sunrises and sunsets, while at other times, beach goers can walk along the sandy riverbed, finding seashells and clams. The river is also our connection to Ogunquit Beach: guests can take out one of our rowboats at high tide or cross on foot at low tide. Wherever you stay — in one of our Ogunquit cottages or a guest room — the river and sandy dunes are always within sight.

Another wonderful place to observe the local tides is nearby Perkins Cove, less than a mile to the south of downtown Ogunquit. Originally, Perkins Cove was well-known for sheltering area fishermen when seas were rough. It’s also known for its manually-operated draw-footbridge that connects the southern peninsula to the mainland, the picturesque boats anchored on the water, and the tourist-friendly shops that sell penny candy and fresh Maine lobster.

Sunrise at The Dunes Ogunquit hotel

Sunrise, seen over the Ogunquit River from The Dunes on the Waterfront


Relax near the water at Ogunquit resort

The Dunes Version 79: What’s New for 2014

April 26, 2014 in The Dunes Insider by admin

Relax near the water at Ogunquit resort

As we get ready for the start of our 79th summer season, we’re putting the finishing touches on a few exciting changes and updates. Even with a few nail-biting moments, all will be ready in time for April 25 — the day our Ogunquit cottages & resort open for another season!

If you’re a returning guest, the first thing that you’ll probably notice is a new and improved pool area. We’ve redone the inside of the pool with a sparkly new finish, but more importantly, we’ve rebuilt and expanded the pool deck. The new stone deck is much larger, and while we can’t promise you’ll have enough room to swing a cat on hot days, there will definitely be more space to spread out. New lighting around the pool make it a pleasant place to spend the twilight hours.

Inside our rooms and cottages, we’ve finished replacing all of our televisions (goodbye, big ugly boxes!) and added new charging devices for cell phones, tablets and iPods in every room. No more scrambling for an outlet or skirmishes over a plug — this is an end to the charging wars.

A couple of our Ogunquit cottages have seen more extensive upgrades, too. Cottages 11 and 15 have brand-new kitchens — we even moved the doors to create a better kitchen layout! We’re pleased to have custom cabinets made by local wood workers at Swift River Wood Products of New Hampshire, which we’ve used throughout the property. Along with the new kitchen, we completely remodeled the bathroom in Cottage 11, from tile on up.

We can’t wait to show you this year’s version (The Dunes v.79) of our waterside resort in person! Make your plans and book a package or a comfortable Ogunquit cottage soon — few of the best things to do in Ogunquit have changed.

Maine Hospitality for Habitat

Help The Dunes Support Habitat for Humanity

February 10, 2014 in Specials and Packages, The Dunes Insider by admin

Update — June 3, 2014: We met our goal, and then some, for a total of $1,260 raised for Habitat for Humanity. Thank you to everyone who donated and stayed with us!

Maine Hospitality for HabitatWith help from the many guests who have found a home-away-from-home at The Dunes, we’re excited to again join forces with other Maine inns to help build warm, affordable homes for Mainers. For the third year, The Dunes will be a part of the Maine Innkeepers Association’s Hospitality for Habitat program. It’s a simple program, with a big benefit for both our guests, and a lot of Maine families.

Here’s how it works: plan to make a visit to The Dunes between April 25 and May 15, 2014, and your room will be be half-price with a $35 donation to Habitat for Humanity. Whether you stay two days or ten, with just one donation, your entire stay is 50% off. Of course, you’re welcome to donate more than $35.

Last year, Maine inns donated a total of $15,284 to Habitat for Humanity of Maine — a sum that helped weatherize and repair sixty Maine homes, according to Sue Inches, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Maine.

As for our own totals, The Dunes raised $590 last year, and $1,025 in 2012 — a hefty sum in just two and a half weeks’ time! We’re upping the ante this year and setting our fundraising goal at $1,200.

We’re very thankful to all of our guests who’ve already been a part of this program’s success! This year, we hope you’ll help again by telling a friend, family member or even a stranger about Hospitality for Habitat, or come and visit us yourselves.

To take part in Hospitality for Habitat at The Dunes, call us at 1.888.563.7803 or Send us an Email.

Habitat for Humanity in Maine

Habitat volunteers work on a house in the greater Portland, ME area